During normal times, we are usually too busy servicing our customers. Over the years, inefficiency accumulates as the original process was not designed to handle the volume or processes evolved over time to cater for customers’ needs. It is therefore prudent that organisations should implement a “Save Money Cut Cost” project to trim the access fat accumulated through the years, and to stream-line all the ad-hoc processes and by-passes used by the staff.

  1. Turning Ideas into Gold

The participants will learn to frame Opportunity Statements (to save Money Cut Cost) and to brainstorm lots of ideas to solve / capitalise / leverage on the opportunities to save money.

2. Problem Solving & Decision Making

Learn the problem Solving Techniques, Tools & Templates and apply to the Opportunity Statements above, to pin-point the root causes and resolve them.

3. Lean Management for Service Industry

Learn the Lean Management Techniques, Tools & Templates to eliminate waste and improve efficiency

4. People Change Management

Learn the technique of implementing and managing change

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