Turning Presentation into an ENCORE!

Course Code: BM-COM-303E-1

Workshop Description:

Do you want to be able to deliver your product / services sales speech so well to captivate the hearts of your clients?

Do you want to deliver a speech so well that the audience screams for an encore?

Do you want to be able to impress the crowd or clients with a wow?

If you do, this is the starting point where you will learn both:

  • The essential points of delivering a presentation
  • The finer tips of turning that presentation into an encore.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the workshop, the learners should be able to:

  • Identify presentation objectives and presentation formats in accordance with organisational procedures
  • Gather and analyse necessary information to support presentation objectives
  • Develop presentations and presentation collaterals, to support presentation structure
  • Present information in appropriate formats to achieve your objectives
  • Evaluate presentations to determine areas of improvement

Workshop Content

  1. Welcome and ice breaking
  2. Module 1: (E) Begin with the End in Mind
  3. Module 2: (N) aNalyse Information
  4. Module 3: (CO) Develop COntents
  5. Module 4: (R) Rhetorical Delivery

Written Assessment Paper 1

  1. Module 5: (E) Evaluate your presentation

Written Assessment Paper 2

Presentation Delivery

Workshop Methodology:

This workshop will be delivered with a good blend of mini-lectures, examples, discussions, speech preparations, presentation practices and evaluations

Workshop Duration: 2 days

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