Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act

Unit Code: BM-RM-301E-1
Course Code Ref CRS-Q-0025393-MF

Critical PDPA Update

The PDPA law has been revised and effective 1st Sep 2019. Do you and your staff know what you can or cannot do pertaining to handling of NRIC?

Has your NRIC handling processes been updated?

Workshop Description

The law mandates that all organisation must appoint a Data Protection Officer.

If your business involves collection of your clients’ personal data (NRIC numbers, mobile phone numbers, home addresses, etc.), then the DPO role is critical to establish your PDPA processes.

  • Do your staffs know what they should or should not do with personal data?
  • Do they know what is included and what is excluded from this Act?
  • Does your organisation have a Data Inventory Map to identify areas of non-conformance?
  • Does your organisation have a process for dealing with complaints regarding data protection?

If your answer is NO to any one of these questions, then you and your staff need to attend this workshop.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand what is the Personal Data Protection Act
  • Understand the 9 Key Obligations
  • Understand the roles of Data Protection Officer
  • Understand what is an organisation Data Inventory Map
  • Identify possible areas of non-conformance
  • Develop a process for handling complaints relating to data protection
  • Develop a PDPA communication plan for your organisation.

Workshop Content

  • Introduction to Personal Data Protection Act
  • Data Protection and Do Not Call Provisions
  • PDPA 9 Key Obligations
    • Consent Obligation
    • Purpose Limitation Obligation
    • Notification Obligation
    • Assess and Correction Obligation
    • Accuracy Obligation
    • Protection Obligation
    • Retention Limitation Obligation
    • Transfer Limitation Obligation
    • Openness Obligation
  • Roles of Data Protection Officer
  • Creating Data Inventory Map
  • Identify Areas on Non Compliance
  • Developing a process for handling dispute resolution
  • Staff training and communication
  • Managing data breaches
  • WSQ Assessment

The course will be conducted using the PDPA BM WSQ Standard Curriculum and Standard Assessment Plan developed by Personal Data Protection Commission

Intended Audience:

Entrepreneurs, business owners and managers or staff who need to handle personal data, like Human Resource, IT Dept, Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Operations, etc.

Not suitable for Legal Personnel

Workshop Methodology

It will be a combination of lectures with examples, discussions and SSG assessment

Workshop Duration:     2 days

Recommended Workshop Size:

12 to 20 pax

2020 Public Workshop Schedule:

13-14 Jan ; 11-12 Feb; 17-18 Mar; 14-15 Apr; 12-13 May; 09-10 Jun;

14-15 Jul; 11-12 Aug; 08-09 Sep; 06-07 Oct; 14-15 Nov; 08-09 Dec

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