Competency Code: MF-PIM -401E-1


Lean is about doing “more” with “less”. It is a systematic and data driven method to improve efficiency in their work processes. LEAN will focus your service organization on the Value Added activities and eliminate the non-Value-adding activities. Many people associate Lean Management with manufacturing industry. Few people realize that Lean Management’s principles, concepts, tools and techniques can be applied to the Service Industry (Banks, insurance, healthcare, hospitals, retails, logistics, transportation, etc.) to achieve great savings from productivity by eliminating needless “waste” in the service industry.

Course Content

  • Introduction and understanding of LEAN
    • Overview of LEAN and Six Sigma and their differences and benefits
    • 5 Key LEAN principles
    • Application of Six Sigma and Lean to Service Industry
    • Flowcharting your work process to identify “pain points”
      • SIPOC
      • Value Stream Map
      • Application of some LEAN tools to analyze problem areas
        • Chart and Trend Analysis – E.g. Pareto Chart, Histogram
        • Ishikawa or Fish bone diagram
        • FMEA
        • Knowing the 7 types of waste (TIMWOOD)
        • Step by step implementation of the lean tools to reduce or eliminate wastes
          • 5S
          • Poka Yoke
          • JIT
          • Implementation of a Continuous Improvement Process
            • What is Kaizen
            • Success criteria and challenges to implement Kaizen
            • Steps to implement Kaizen

Intended Audience

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Heads, Senior Level Managers, team leaders and supervisors from any service industry responsible for Strategic Program Management, Continuous Improvement and Innovation, Business Excellence, process engineering, manufacturing, service delivery processes and organizational effectiveness.

Workshop Methodology

This highly interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, discussions, case studies and simulation games.  Participants will enjoy solving several real life problems using the techniques taught.

Workshop Duration: 2 Days