Leadership & Management Development (LMD) workshops


This program is ideal for Organizations

HR, GM, Dept Mgrs can use this program as:

  1. A Talent Development Program
  2. A Talent Retention Program
  3. A New Manager Program

For an Individual, these Workshops can equip you with the knowledge and skills for career growth.

  • Get ready for your next promotion to be a manager.
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers (Jump ahead of your queue)

Competency Elements at a glance

Design Thinking for Business Growth

To lead, managers need to understand and emphasize with their customers (both internal and external). This is an inspirational course that teaches participants how to “walk a day in the life of their customers (persona), frame opportunity statements and generate hundreds of innovation ideas or solutions within a few minutes. (Elective)

Personal Effectiveness

  1. Communicate effectively
  2. Influence decision making
  3. Plan self-development path

People Development

  1. Identify team leaders’ skill requirements
  2. Facilitate learning opportunities of team leaders
  3. Coach team leaders

People Change Management 

Skills Standards:

  1. Facilitate innovation in the workplace
  2. Manage the implementation of change strategies and processes
  3. Monitor and evaluate impact of change on team leaders

People & Performance Management

  1. Develop team plans
  2. Manage and reward team performance
  3. Monitor implementation of team plans

Vision Leadership

  1. Facilitate implementation of organization strategies
  2. Promote compliance with corporate governance requirements
  3. Provide direction and guidance to team leaders

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