WSQ Business Management

– WSQ Creating Business Plan with Impact

– WSQ Effective Negotiation Skills

– WSQ Fundaments of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Workshop

– WSQ Lean Management in Service Industry

– WSQ Sales: Turning Opportunities into Profit

– WSQ Turning Ideas into Gold (Essentials) 2 Days

– WSQ Turning Ideas into Gold (Project) 3 Days

– WSQ Turning Presentation into an ENCORE!

WSQ Leadership and People Management

Leadership & People Management (LPM) workshops

– WSQ LPM: Coach & Develop Team Leaders

– WSQ LPM: Decision Making & Self Mastery

– WSQ LPM: Manage Innovation & Change

– WSQ LPM: Plan & Achieve Results*

– WSQ LPM: Strategy & Leadership*

Cultivate Workplace Relationships and Diversity **

WSQ Employability Skills

– WSQ Get Good Jobs

– WSQ Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making