Project Management – Scope


Workshop description

Having identified the solutions from the previous 2 workshops, this Project Management- Scope equips the learner with the skills and knowledge to effectively managethe project scope as “everyone wants everything to be included”. This workshop covers the following:

  • Determining project deliverables,
  • Identifying,
  • Resolving project scope issues,
  • Reviewing and
  • Controlling project scope.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop, the learners should be able to:

  1. Determine project deliverables and key work activities aligned to project objectives and organisational guidelines / policies.
  2. Identify and resolve potential project scope issues in accordance with organisational procedures.
  3. Monitor and control project scope to meet project objectives.

At the end of the workshop, the learners should know and understand the following:

  1. relevant stakeholders
  2. scope management plan, processes and procedures
  3. project life cycle
  4. scope change control procedures
  5. components of project plans
  6. project management tools and techniques
  7. triple constraints and their impact on project management

Target Audience

Professionals, managers, supervisors and individuals who need to manage projects as part oftheir job or career, from all industry sectors, especially when they arepreparing for the PMP Examination.

Workshop Methodology

This highly interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, discussions and case studies. Participants will enjoy solvingseveral real life problems using the techniques taught.

Workshop Duration:  2 days