This practical course will cover the step by step construction of one of the essential tools used in Lean Six Sigma. The Value Stream Map provides a visual aid in mapping out the material and information flow of a product or service in the value stream of the business. It helps to identify and focus on the value added activities and eliminate the non value added activities in your businesses so as to reduce the waste and improve productivity and quality in your business processes.


Heads, Senior Level Managers, team leaders and supervisors from any industry responsible for Strategic Program Management, Continuous Improvement and Innovation, Business Excellence, process engineering, manufacturing, service delivery processes, organizational effectiveness


  • Introduction and understanding of Lean principles
    • The 5 principles
    • Value Analysis – Value added, Value enabling and Non Value added activities
    • Reducing Waste and Focus on Value Added Activity
  • Definition and benefits of Value Stream Map (VSM)
    • What is VSM and what does it do
    • Examples of different VSM
  • Practical session on drawing a VSM to map your work process
    • Step by Step guide to draw a VSM
    • Use of SIPOC
    • Practical Application of VSM to real life scenario
  • Application of your VSM to identify wastes in a service or manufacturing environment
  • Use of your VSM to determine and improve process capability and process efficiency to the “ ideal state” of the process


    Mini lectures, group work and practical discussion.


    Through this 2- day course, participants are able to:

    • Understand principles of Leans and Value Analysis
    • Learn to identify which are the value added , non value added and value enabling activities in your business process
    • Apply the concept of lean and value analysis to develop a Value Stream Map
    • Measure process capability and process efficiency using the Value Stream Map and use it to achieve your performance targets


    2 day