This 3 day comprehensive course will introduce the concept of Lean Six Sigma, which is a systematic, data driven method to improve quality and efficiency in their work processes. Structured ways to analyse work processes will be taught and participants will get to know some proven effective methods to reduce or eliminate waste in their processes.  After improvement, what can employees do to sustain the improvement and create a continuous improvement culture within the organization.


Heads, Senior Level Managers, team leaders and supervisors from any industry responsible for Strategic Program Management, Continuous Improvement and Innovation, Business Excellence, process engineering, manufacturing, service delivery processes, organizational effectiveness


  • Introduction and understanding of Six Sigma and Lean
    • Background of Six Sigma and Lean
    • Six Sigma versus Lean
    • Application of Six Sigma and Lean to Service and Manufacturing Industries
  • Identification of improvement areas to apply Lean Six sigma
    • Chart and Trend Analysis – E.g. Pareto Chart, Histogram
  • Application of six sigma tools to analyze problem areas
    • Swim Lane diagram
    • Value Stream Map
    • Fish Bone diagram
    • FMEA
  • Knowledge of the 8 types of waste
    • Transportation
    • Inventory
    • Waiting
    • Motion
    • Over processing
    • Overproduction
    • Defects
    • Unused People Skills
  • Step by Step implementation of the lean tools to reduce or eliminate wastes
    • 5S
    • Poka Yoke
    • JIT
  • Implementation of a Continuous Improvement Process in the organization
    • What is Kaizen
    • What are the success criteria and challenges to implement Kaizen
    • Steps to implement Kaizen


Mini lectures, group work and case discussion.


Through this 3- day course, participants are able to:

  • Understand concept and benefits of Lean Six Sigma
  • Apply the principle of Lean to analyse the value stream of their product and services
  • Learn to identify which are the value added , non value added and value enabling activities in your business process
  • Know how to implement proven effective methods to reduce or eliminate waste to improve productivity and increase quality in their work processes
  • Discover and share the success criteria to implement a continuous improvement culture within their organization

    DURATION: 3 day