This 3 day comprehensive course will cover 2 parts. First is getting an understanding of Customer Loyalty and development of a framework to implement an “Improve Customer Loyalty” program. Next is applying lean six sigma tools to improve the problem areas that are identified through the “Improve Customer Loyalty” program. During the course, participants will also learn to measure and trend the customer loyalty index.


Heads, Senior Level Managers, team leaders and supervisors from any industry  responsible for Strategic Program Management, Continuous Improvement and Innovation, Business Excellence, Front Line operations, Customer facing functions such as Operations, Customer Service and Sales, Customer Service Manager and Supervisor, Customer Contact Manager and Supervisor, Operational Line manager and Supervisor


  • Definition and Background of Customer Loyalty
    • Importance of Customer Loyalty
    • Know the Voices of Customer (VOC)
    • How to measure Customer loyalty
  • Establish an “Improve Customer Loyalty” program to ascertain Customer loyalty and Voices of customers
    • Who are the stakeholders
    • Step by Step guidelines to set up deployment framework and structure
    • Develop a measurement and reporting framework for Customer Loyalty
    • Success criteria
  • How to make a customer loyalty program call
    • What to expect and how to manage them
  • Develop a Feedback Management System
    • What is next after getting the Voice of  Customer
    • Setting up a feedback management team. E.g. Quality Circle
    • Quick Hits or Process Improvements
    • Setting Improvement Indices Target
  • Introduction and understanding of Six Sigma and Lean
    • Background of Six Sigma and Lean
    • Application of Six Sigma and Lean to Service industry
  • Analysis of Voice of Customer and problem areas using Lean Six sigma Tools
    • Fish Bone Diagram
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • FMEA
    • Value Analysis – 8 types of waste
  • Implementation of lean six sigma tools to reduce or eliminate wastes
    • 5S; Poka Yoke; JIT
  • Measurement of results of implemented measures
    • Does improvement meet Improvement Indices Target and VOC?
    • Ascertain customer satisfaction level after improvement
  • Building a sustainable customer centric culture
    • What are the Success Criteria


Mini lectures, Role plays and case discussions.

DURATION: 3 days