This 1 day course will provide participants another perspective in looking at their daily work processes and how they can employ a systematic method from Lean concept to reduce or eliminate waste so that their efficiency can be improved.


Senior Level Managers, team leaders and supervisors from any industry responsible for Continuous Improvement and Innovation, Business Excellence, process engineering, manufacturing, service delivery processes, organizational effectiveness, general function operations


  • Introduction and understanding of Lean principles
    • The 5 principles
    • Value Analysis – Value added, Value enabling and Non Value added activities
    • Reducing Waste and Focus on Value Added Activity
  • Knowledge of the 8 types of waste:
    • Transportation
    • Inventory
    • Waiting
    • Motion
    • Over processing
    • Overproduction
    • Defects
    • Unused People Skills
  • Definition and benefits of each of the 5 S
    • Set in Order
    • Shine
    • Sort
    • Standardise
    • Sustain
  • Examples of 5 S and learning how to identify them
  • Step by Step on how to implement each of the 5 S


    Mini lectures, group work and case discussion.


    Through this 1- day course, participants are able to:

    • Understand principles of Leans and Value Analysis and 8 type of waste
    • Learn to identify which are the value added , non value added and value enabling activities in your business process
    • Understand what is 5 S and benefits of using this simple method to improve productivity
    • Know the steps to implement each of the 5 S


      1 day