Everest Innovation partners with Hewlett Packard Education to deliver ITIL Training across Asia Pacific, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

  • If you are new to ITIL, then the first workshop you should enrol for is ITIL Foundation (3 days)
  • Upon passing your ITIL Foundation Exam, you can choose to take EITHER
    • the ITIL Intermediate Capabilities Modules (OSA, RCV, PPO, SOA) – 5 days each or
    • the ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle Modules (SS, SD, ST, SO and CSI) – 4 days each
  • The final workshop is Managing Across Lifecycle 5 days

Upon completion of Managing Across Lifecycle workshop and passing all the exams, you will be conferred the prestigious title called ITIL EXPERT