ITIL V4 has been announced. Everest Innovation partners with Hewlett Packard Education to deliver ITIL V4 Foundation Training across Asia Pacific, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand from Feb 2019 onwards.

  • If you are new to ITIL, then the first workshop you should enrol for is ITIL V4 Foundation (3 days)
  • Upon passing your ITIL Foundation Exam, you can choose to take EITHER
    • the ITIL Intermediate Capabilities Modules (OSA, RCV, PPO, SOA) – 5 days each or
    • the ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle Modules (SS, SD, ST, SO and CSI) – 4 days each
  • The final workshop is Managing Across Lifecycle 5 days

Upon completion of Managing Across Lifecycle workshop and passing all the exams, you will be conferred the prestigious title called ITIL EXPERT