Just as an individual workshop equips participants with one set of skills and knowledge, sometimes, you need a suite of workshops to solve an organizational problem or to achieve an organizational objective. In 2019, we launch the following series

Corporate Workshop Series

Pack A) Leadership and People Management Series

LPM Level 4, Innovation, Leadership, Management, coaching, Negotiation, Strategy, Planning

Recommended for

1) New Managers training

2) Talent development

3) Talent retention

Pack B) Business Innovation & Growth Series

Innovation, Negotiation, Business Plan, Value Creation,Sales, Presentation, SSG Funded, SkillsFuture funded, Training, Workshops

Recommended for developing employees/managers to innovate, to create new services and products that add value to your customers.

Pack C) Problem Solving & Implementation Series

Recommended for developing your teams to solve problems and to implement solutions effectively and efficiently.