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About Us


At Everest Innovation, we are an Outcome-Based company. This means that we focus on the Outcome or Results that our clients want to achieve with our workshops and services. We basically help our clients:

  • Make money
  • Save money

In other words, our mission is to help you MAKE MORE PROFIT.

Philosophy. Every organization (and every individual within that organization) has a Dream to fulfill and figuratively, “an Everest to climb”. Unfortunately, for most, dreams often remain as dreams and “Everest”, too cold, too high and too far.

Everest Innovation is established to help you (individually, and as an organization) realize your potential and achieve much greater heights. Our programs are designed to fire motivation, instill courage and invoke wisdom so that you can step out boldly and strategically on your path to success.

Value Proposition. We can help you tremendously because our consultants have:

  • Award winning experiences and achievements
  • Breakthrough innovations
  • Best-in-class track records
  • High business adaptability

Consider these questions:

  • Do you want to generate millions of $ or save millions of $ through innovation?
  • Do you want increased profitability through value creation for your customers instead of selling based on pricing?
  • Do you want your service center to be world-class and award-winning?
  • Do you want to attain international certification (ITIL /ITSM/PMP)?

If your answer is YES, read on… or Contact Me Here

Everest is a BIZSafe3  certified organization or  call us at tel: (65)66bizsafe-enterprise-level-348-4439