WSQCultivate Workplace Relationships and Diversity*

LPM-RLT-401C-0 Cultivate Workplace Relationships and Diversity



This unit addresses the skills and knowledge required to cultivate harmonious and productive relationships in the workplace. It covers building relationships, promoting diversity and managing conflict.

Competency Elements

This competency unit consists of the following elements:

  1. Build workplace relationships
  2. Promote workforce diversity
  3. Manage conflict

Performance Criteria

A competent individual must be able to successfully perform the following:

1.1 Establish working relationships with network members to improve knowledge sharing and networking opportunities

1.2 Pursue collaborative opportunities that will support beneficial outcomes

1.3 Facilitate information exchange among network members to support organisational and team priorities

2.1 Develop systems and processes that support organisational diversity strategies

2.2 Monitor the implementation of systems and processes to support workforce diversity

2.3 Adjust interpersonal style to the social and cultural business context

3.1 Identify and act on possible causes or sources of conflict

3.2 Negotiate issues to reach mutually acceptable outcomes

3.3 Review the effectiveness of the conflict resolution strategies

3.4 Take action to prevent the recurrence of conflict

Intended Audience

Participants  of organisational Talent Development / Retention Program / New Manager Program


This workshop will be conducted with a good blend of lecture, interaction, case studies, experience sharing and WSQ assessments.

Duration: 2 days

*This course will be delivered by partner ATO organisation

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