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Pack A – Professional Diploma in Leadership & People Management (LPM)

Professional Diploma in Leadership & People Management 


This Professional Diploma program consists of the 6 core modules plus 2 elective modules. Upon completion of the 8 workshops (2 days each), WDA will award the “Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management” to you.

This program is ideal for Organizations

HR, GM, Dept Mgrs can use this program as:

  1. A Talent Development Program
  2. A Talent Retention Program
  3. A New Manager Program

For an Individual, this professional diploma can equip you with the knowledge and skills for career growth.

  • Get ready for your next promotion to be a manager.
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers (Jump ahead of your queue)

Singaporeans will receive a $1000 Cash Award with the WSQ Diploma course. 

Permanent Resident and Foreigners will receive the Diploma


Competency Elements at a glance

 LPM Decision Making & Self Mastery LPM-PER-401C-0

  1. Communicate effectively
  2. Influence decision making
  3. Demonstrate commitment to self-development

LPM Coach & Develop Team Leaders LPM-DEV-401C-0

  1. Identify team leaders’ skill requirements
  2. Facilitate learning opportunities of team leaders
  3. Coach team leaders

LPM Manage Innovation & Change LPM-CHG -401C-0

  1. Facilitate innovation in the workplace
  2. Manage the implementation of change strategies and processes
  3. Monitor and evaluate impact of change on team leaders

**LPM Manage Conflict & Relationships LPM-RLT-401C-0

  1. Build workplace relationships
  2. Promote workforce diversity
  3. Manage conflict

**This module is delivered by Partner organizations

*LPM Strategy & Leadership LPM-VIS-401C-0

  1. Facilitate implementation of organization strategies
  2. Promote compliance with corporate governance requirements
  3. Provide direction and guidance to team leaders

*LPM Plan & Achieve Results LPM-RES-401C-0

  1. Develop team plans
  2. Manage and reward team performance
  3. Monitor implementation of team plans

2 Elective workshops

Choose any 2 of the following:

  1. Innovation: Turning Ideas into Gold
  2. Sales: Turning Opportunities into Profit
  3. Effective Negotiation Skills
  4. Turning Presentation into an ENCORE
  5. Creating Business Plan with an impact
  6. Introduction to Personal Data Protection Act
  7. Lean Management in Service Industry

*These courses are awaiting WDA approval

** This course is delivered by partner ATO

Workshop dates 

We shall have 3 runs in 2017 :

  • Weekday batch from early July (exact dates to be announced later)
  • 1st Saturday batch from 20th May to 05th Aug (CORE then electives)
  • 2nd Saturday batch from mid Aug to early Dec (Electives then CORE)
  • you are free to pick and choose whichever combination of dates if you are not available for a particular date

    Pricing: (per Core Module)

  • full fee=$600
  • Singaporeans over 40 years old = $60
  • SME Sponsored Singaporeans/PR= $360
  • Self-sponsored Singaporeans between 25 – 39 years old = $360
  • WTS = $30